Lesson Program


Lessons can be viewed & scheduled through our CALENDAR link.

Our top priority is safety. The safety of our riders as well as our horses is the basis of our program.


Our farm provides outdoor group riding lessons. Weather permitting lessons are done March – November. Our group lessons are generally 4-6 riders.

Contact us through the email link on our website to arrange  semi-private or private lessons.


All riders are unique and progress at different paces. You will be assigned specific horses and perform specific exercises based on your abilities. You will have days that are spent building confidence and days that you are ready for new challenges, and we are here to “ride” with you through it all!

You will be much more successful horseback riding when you use the proper equipment. This starts with your riding attire. We understand you won’t want to invest in riding clothing until you are confident that you enjoy riding. In the meantime, at minimum you will be more comfortable/safe in long pants, and shoes or boots with heels. Helmets are a must, and we do have loaners available for your use.

“A horse gallops with its lungs .. perseveres  with its heart .. and wins with its character”